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Feng Shui Your Master Bedroom   Limelight, Summer 2008

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It should be the space you most love, your sanctuary, your private place where you can hide from the world. It should be comfortable, relaxing and be arranged in a style that reflects your personality and your lifestyle.


You can easily and effectively improve the Feng Shui of your bedroom while keeping your sense of style, design and comfort. Feng Shui is about cultivating balance between us and our surroundings. It’s about recognizing the importance of the environment and its effect on us and learn how to make it work by balancing and enhancing the flow of energy. A little Feng Shui can go a long way.

One of the most common causes of energy blocks is clutter. Keep your bedroom bright, comfortable and clutter-free. Encourage the positive flow of energy by removing clutter from corners, behind doors and especially under the bed. Clean out your closets, cupboards and drawers on a regular basis. Each unnecessary or unwanted item is attached to you in one way or another and can make you feel drained.

The bed’s position is very significant; while in bed you should view the door, that way you are in the command position. Your feet or head should not be pointing directly to the door or to the bathroom. Your bed should not share a wall with a toilet on the other side. Always have a headboard or a valance, as well as a solid wall behind the bed. This offers good solid support, like having a mountain behind you. It is best if the wall behind has no window - if there is, hang thick curtains. A painting of golden mountains above your bed ensures a feeling of security (don’t have waterfalls in the painting). Side tables on either side of the bed create balance and harmony between the couple. Soft lighting on either side is always auspicious and the best is white light, so use white shades.


Photos of children and other loved ones do not belong in the bedroom as they take over your life and create conflict. Better to have pictures of your loved ones in other rooms of the house. To encourage love, commitment and support for the couple only have picture(s) of you and your significant other.


Exercise equipment and work related items do not belong in the bedroom if you want a peaceful and restful sleep; keep your bedroom sacred and special by placing only items you love and make you feel pampered and beautiful. Also, avoid mirrors and water features such as fish, water paintings, the colours blue and black which create havoc and disturb your sleep. Select paintings that are soothing and leave you with happy and peaceful thoughts.


Finally, a word on romance.
Who does not want to enhance this area of their lives? Activate romance by having something in red such as pillows, a throw, a painting or an accent wall in red. Bring balance, harmony and unity into your space by adding items in pairs such as 2 candles, 2 birds, 2 lamps, 2 chairs, 2 pictures, 2 clocks and watch your relationship blossom. Go with the flow, Feng Shui your bedroom, the rest of your rooms and your life.

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