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Your front entrance is the most important part of your home or your office; the front door is considered the mouth of a house or a building. All quality, positive and abundant energy enters through the front entrance allowing opportunities, positive events, health, wealth and prosperity into your life.


Therefore, try to use your front entrance as much as possible rather than the garage or side door to support you at work and your life path.


The size of the front door should be in proportion to the house; if too large can cause financial difficulties, if too small can cause arguments. Solid doors are prefered as they give solid support and protection to the occupants; however the energy is affected by both exterior and interior design of your entrance. Also, the front door is often associated with career and life path. Therefore, the door should not stick and be able to open all the way without any obstacles so that your career can thrive.


In order to maximise this positive energy entering your space and good fortune can travel into your home, the entrance needs to be attractive, welcoming, well maintained and well lit.


Tips to improve curb appeal:


  • Remove any unhealthy plants, any blockages such as a tree blocking the front door

  • Place a water fountain inside or outside to encourage abundance

  • Remove clutter inside and outside entrance; it creates negative, stale energy and blocks prosperity;

  • Adequate lighting illuminating the front;

  • Make sure the doorbell works properly;

  • The number of the house should be well placed and visible.


A well maintained main door/entrance offers protection and support; encourages good health, wealth and prosperity. However, to allow opportunities, the front door should be able to open all the way without anything blocking it.

 Paint front door red if you want protection or if something negative is pointing at your house ie a road or a corner of another house.


Whether you are selling your home or living in it, curb appeal is beneficial and remember a beautiful door means a beautiful mouth of your home.



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